Buy an apartment in France?

Welcome to Résidence Château Ferrassières, a unique opportunity in a unique setting!

Who always wanted to buy your own apartment or studio in a nice place in France – for your own use or for the rental or a combination of this and without the usual headaches and hassles – we would like to be informed about this unique occasion.

If you invest in an apartment in Résidence Château Ferrassières you will not only be the owner of your own apartment. You will also co-own all the great facilities that this residence offers. Among others, the estate, the spa with indoor swimming pool and saunas, the outdoor Jacuzzi with sun terrace, the panoramic lift, the tennis and pétanque court and its own water source.

Hidden between the lavender fields near Mont Ventoux in the beautiful surroundings of the Drôme is here a beautiful authentic country house with a lot of love and attention converted into the current luxury residence.

Did you know that...

  • The current buyer group currently consists of several Dutch, Belgian and a number of French owners aged 40 to 72 years.

Did you know that...

  • Résidence Château Ferrassières has its own source, so the cost of the water is zero on an annual basis and the swimming pool and jacuzzi are filled with its own spring water!

Cith buying an apartment and/or studio in the
Résidence Château Ferrassières, you can:

  • Create a return by renting out the apartment/studio or
  • Enjoy yourself (own use) or
  • Both options (hiring and own use) combine.

There is a real chance of appreciation of the real estate over the years. Of course it is possible to live permanently on Résidence Château Ferrassières.

Résidence Château Ferrassières is ideally suited as a vacation home for people who, for example, would like to spend a week at the nearby Thermal Baths in Montbrun les Bains or to simply enjoy a vacation in the beautiful surroundings.

There is a great need for (holiday) stays while the construction possibilities in this Unesco classified landscape ‘ Reserve de Biosphère ́ are limited. This is why Résidence Château Ferrassières is a unique opportunity and a good investment! There is a continuous demand for accommodation in this area while the offer is limited.


Acurrently there are still 2 apartments for sale in this stunning new residence:

  • Origan T2+beautifully spacious (63 m2).
  • Coriandre T5 (163 m2) Recently this uniquely large apartment has been released which is ideally suited for permanent habitation.
If you are curious about the residence and looking for a reliable investment in the heart of Provence, we would like to work with you to see if buying an apartment in our residence is also for you. During a Meet & Greet you can talk to professionals and other owners about how something like this works and see everything with your own eyes. A nice opportunity of course to experience what the surroundings are like…. Sign up now!
Résidence Château Ferrassières regularly organizes a Meet & Greet. You are then welcome at the Château for a stay where of course a visit of the Château is on the programme. There is plenty of time to explore the surrounding area and there is room for questions: financial, tax, legal, professional rental, etc.

Would you like to come and watch it now!


    Y ou can of course also come and look on your own outside the organized moments. In any case, we recommend that you visit our residence and stay in the apartment you prefer. This is the optimal way to take a quiet look at all aspects: the apartment, the facilities of the residence and the entire surrounding area. We are curious about your first impressions!

    Did you know that...

    • More than 85 of the current owners group the purchase of an apartment has done from an investment perspective and the remaining 15 from the perpective to permanently live in this beautiful residence.
    • All owners regularly travel to their apartment in the château to enjoy this themselves if only for a long weekend.
    • The château is located in the middle of Provence (Drôme) in the south of France and has a subtropical climate? Spring comes here early and that makes for the delicious scents of the lavender fields in May.

    Did you know that...

    • This region has been an inspiration to many painters for centuries? In summer, the temperature can reach 30 °C. In winter, the temperature rarely comes below zero. Typical of Provence is the Mistral. This cold wind can suddenly come on from the massive Central and give a breeze in the winter and delicious cooling in summer.
    • That the current owners of the residence are all part owners in the rental company (the SASU RCF) they founded themselves. In this way, they have 100% influence on rental policy and operating costs can be kept minimal. A unique rental opportunity !


    Buying an apartment in Résidence Château Ferrassière is a smart investment because of:

    * That you are – as previously indicated – as the owner of the Association of Owners of Résidence Château and thus also own all the general amenities: the swimming pool, the saunas, the sun terrace with the Jacuzzi, the tennis and pétanque court and the estate on which the château is housed.

    * At the same time, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of these general facilities because this is entirely taken care of by the couple Bianca and Marek, who live on the château.

    * If you want to rent out your apartment during your absence, you can join the rental company that the all letting owners have set up on Résidence Château Ferrassières. You don’t have to worry about this individually. All necessary rental activities are outsourced and are arranged by the couple Bianca and Marek (the receipt of your guests, the key management, the cleaning, etc.)


    • Luxury Apartments

    • Estate of 3 hectares

    • Panorama elevator

    • Quiet location

    • Accessible for disabled

    • Spa with sauna and showers

    • Indoor swimming Pool

    • Jacuzzi (Outdoor)

    • Various sun terraces

    • Own spring water!

    • Tennis court

    • Petanque Court

    • Wifi

    • Television with various channels







    Of the 22 apartments, only 2 are still available in different price ranges. We also list available resales.
    Below a description per apartment including download with additional information


    Apartment Origan (63 m2)

    This apartment has a clear and practical layout, is wonderfully spacious and has a view to both the front, side and back. It features a large luxurious kitchen, spacious living room, bathroom and a bedroom and a hallway.

    This apartment is suitable for both rental and permanent residence. Beautiful light and has the possibility to build a balcon on the side.

    Download the Origan Brochure

    Apartment Coriandre (163 m2)

    This apartment is ideal for permanent habitation. This apartment has a kitchen of 28.5 m2 and a living room of 51 m2. In addition, there are 5 rooms of which there are currently 3 furnished as bedroom and 1 as an office (10.6 m2) + library space (9 m2). The apartment has 2 bathrooms, both with a massage shower and 2 toilets. The master bedroom of 18.5 m2 has a walk-in closet of 4.4 m2. Both at the front and at the back of this apartment there are terraces to sit outside.


    Apartment Sauge T2 (45 m2)

    Resale by August 2023

    This apartment is located in the tower on the 2nd floor at the rear of the château equipped with a balcony. The apartment consists of a living room with kitchen, 1 bedroom and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Total area 45 m2.


    Apartment Genièvre T2 (44 m2)

    Resale by March 2023

    This apartment is located on the 1st floor at the rear of the château with both a terrace in front of the living room and the bedroom. The terrace is south-west facing (afternoon sun). The apartment consists of a living room with kitchen, 1 bedroom and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Total area 44 m2.


    Studio Livèche (22 m2)

    Resale by March 2023

    This studio is located at the front of the château above the swimming pool. The living room with kitchen has a large bed/sleeper sofa and there is a bathroom with shower and toilet. Total area 22 m2.



    Château Ferrassières is located in the Drôme on the border with the Vaucluse between the villages of Montbrun-les-Bains, known for its Thermes and Sault, near the Mont Ventoux. If you are flying on Marseille, you can take the car in about 1h45 in Ferrassières.

    Yes, please send me more information!